About Vev Tv:

Vev Tv Channel is an internet Tv channel which provides daily latest videos on business, employments, entertainment, music album & Indian movies, This internet television channel. Vev Tv is tailor made for the world of short films and production. Vev Tv has been receiving support and ideas from the professionals in film and media industry, intellectuals and public figures.

Our dedicated team manages all the shows from script writing to production and camera to editing. We understood the need for short films which consumes less time and are budget friendly and then provided a platform for faster sharing and viewing over the internet. Internet is the only platform where we can reach our target audience in less time and with greater impact. We shoot our shows in the well facilitated studios and under the experienced team of cameramen and production of Vev Tv Productions.

Apart from the short films, we have shows where we interact with several professionals in media and entertainment industry. Our diversity is determined by the quality of show we have, such as Vandana, Yog Dhyanam, News Daily, Saagar Kinaare, Lyrical Melodia & Devratna T20 Cricket Premiere and many more coming in future.

Vev Tv will take the short films from international film awardees and academy award winners as well as the outstanding short films of independent film makers, budding and amateur filmmakers from across the world.

Vev Tv will work as an Advertiser & Producers of TV Programmes and TV serials and will arrange the advertisers on TV Channels and will pay 40% Incentives on total revenue collected on their video from rand & Advertisers. Also we will provide the TV channel platform to the advertisers and slot taker. We will also manage all type of celerity to produce TV serials and programmes. There will zero charges to the viewers.

Vev Tv is an online video streaming platform owned by ElexWeb Digital India, a wholly owned subsidiary of UG Group.

Vev Tv currently offers over 100 Videos online to our viewers on Internet TV content and movies across all languages, and every major part of that covered live. Highly evolved video streaming technology and a high attention to quality of experience across devices and platforms, make Vev Tv the most complete video destination for Over the Top (OTT) video consumers.

A Video Experience Like no other

Seamless Video Playback - Our adaptive video streaming technology ensures that the best possible video quality is played back automatically based on the available bandwidth, therefore making it a great video experience on both mobile networks as well as Wi-Fi internet connections. Our video is optimized to play on mobile networks with inconsistent throughput so that our users don’t have to compromise on their experience on the low end, and play HD quality video on the top end of bandwidth availability. Additionally, our users can manually select the quality of video that suits their taste.

Smart Search - Content search on Vev Tv has been optimized to reduce complexity and delay in accessing content. Accurate search results, with lightning fast auto complete suggestions navigate users to video with minimal navigation friction and ease of use.

Friendly User Interface - Content organization on Vev Tv is a result of a thoughtful user experience approach and strong design principles that ensure that the user is not overwhelmed with the breadth of content available. Using a mix of algorithms and human curation, users at any stage of their interaction with Vev Tv will discover content and see their experience evolve with their interaction patterns over time.

Hot Content Catalogue - Vev Tv offers the latest and popular Tv, movies and knowledge-based content from India and the world. With content in 8 languages, spanning 15 Tv channels, Vev Tv is home to some of the longest running, and highest rated TV content in the country. Our roster of the biggest names in Indian cinema makes Vev Tv the preferred destination for the biggest blockbusters from Bollywood and regional cinema.

Originals - In our Endeavour to drive meaningful engagement with our audience, Vev Tv is investing in generating content keeping in mind the sentiments and attitudes of our consumers and has enjoyed great success with original programming content such as on air with Devratna Cricket Premiere, Yog Sadhana & Lyrical Melodia. Access – Vev Tv is available on mobile and tablet applications and can be accessed at http://www.vevtv.com/

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