Latest Hindi Video | Ruhaan Rajput and Jhilmil in an award winning Short Film  & POTLY

Latest Hindi Video | Ruhaan Rajput and Jhilmil in an award winning Short Film & POTLY Public

Ruhaan Rajput

1 week
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The title Potly is figuratively referred to the traditional carriage cloth-knotted purse full of regular stuffs made in order to carry goods and materials. The routine of carrying a potly is still rampant in certain states of India Including Rajasthan. Ironically the girl carrying this Potly in the film, herself is named as Potly correlated to a burden. She always carries the burden of her social and traditional stigma to do all household activities including filling a pot of water travelling through a deserted path every day and hence she is not permitted to display her emotions due to this social status. Packing her emotions in the potly, remembering her juvenile age, carrying the integrities, she subsists her present adolescence age. The character of Potly is played by Jhilmil.

Watch Potly to see the message and clandestine of potly. The theme and the story is conceptualized, written, creatively crafted and produced by Neeraj Sharma, Vice president, Club Vyaktitva. Sanjay Bugalia has been successful in converting the Scriped words into motion images and frames by his directorial skills.

Ruhan Rajput did his marvel as a debutant in this short film. He lived up with the character of a shrewd, illicit, skinflint and cheapskate guy who is hailing from the village but pretends to be an urbanized person. Potly also defines the equation and dynamics of situation between this guy and the girl that just flips in fraction of minutes.

The film has got more than 14 screenings, nominations and 4 awards in the International film festivals.

Well known editor Ashwani Singh has got best editing award in Indore International Film Festival.

Thanks to the team Ruhaan Rajput, Jhilmil bhatt, Ashwani Singh, Rocky S Santosh, Yogesh Sharma, Saurabh Bhatt, Deepak Kumar, Ranna Brar, Shantanu Akerkar, Louis David, Pravesh Mallick.